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Countryside Communications

An integrated digital security system can enhance the prestige and marketability of any development. But rapid innovation and a multitude of contractors each claiming an area of expertise could make it an intimidating prospect for many developers.

How can you be sure of choosing the right products at the best prices from reliable suppliers?

Would you have the capacity to manage them all?

Countryside Communications - Entry Control Solutions

Audio Door Entry Systems and Video Door Entry Systems

Countryside Communications are a leader in the installation, design, maintenance of versatile audio and video entry control systems that provide the total solution.

Fully integrated door entry solutions

Supplying analogue and digital systems which are integrated into the developments CCTV, TV distribution, access control and automated gates. Installed to the highest standards Countryside Communications understand the importance of the developer’s exact requirements ensuring the very latest technology is installed within the budget restraints concentrating on the very highest reliability.

Extensive range of door entry products

Our product range is always evolving and developing and the new products today offer many new innovations and features. This is one of the reasons why we continue to install and maintain entry control systems and are specified by many architects.

Countryside Communications

Strives to offer the highest levels of service in the industry putting the customer first every time. This ethos is present in our product selection, customer service, technical support and after sales service.

Countryside Communications - Door Access Systems

Access Control Systems, Proximity and Vehicle Access Control

Access control is a simple input/output system. The card or token provides the input and the resulting output is the release of the door or denied access giving essential building management. Large integrated network systems have been built and designed using the experience gained by Countryside Communications formative years.

Our access control systems offer you unlimited flexibility in providing your client with an access control solution. From simple single door entry to a system capable of controlling 256 remote sites, up to 160,000 users with 3,000 doors on each site to include building management, CCTV, gate automation and lift control.

We offer the most extensive features to price ratio ensuring our systems are as powerful as your imagination combined with extraordinary ease of use.

Countryside Communications - Distribution Systems

The very latest digital aerial and satellite distribution technology.

Countryside Communications specialises in providing communal aerial and satellite solutions within the construction industry. We ensure that the very latest technology is used in both cabling configuration and distribution equipment.

Understanding that the majority of purchasers insist on access to the very latest technology careful consideration and planning are undertaken with every project design team to ensure that the system is conceived and installed to meet their demanding requirements.

Countryside Communications has installed a number of projects combining the security, CCTV, and video door entry system into the television distribution enabling residents the ability to monitor their building security from their own apartment. This feature can also be used to maintain tight budgets without compromising the site security.

In a constantly changing specialisation Countryside Communications will be able to offer you a fast and effective solution to all your requirements from resolving system problems, upgrading and refurbishment of existing systems right through to the design and installation of a state of the art system for your flagship development.

Countryside Communications is a member of the CAI (Confederation of Aerial Installers) to ensure that your installation meets the highest standards available to the industry.

Countryside Communications - DAB

What is Digital Radio?

Countryside communications are specialists in the provision and installation of all the necessary distribution equipment required for DAB distribution systems. Digital is a way of transmitting sound and pictures as computerised bits of information. This takes up much less space in the airwaves (bandwidth) than the traditional (analogue) system, so there is room for more radio stations and other features.

It is often called DAB digital radio. DAB stands for digital audio broadcasting, the name of the transmission system.

What does digital radio give me?

The main benefits are:

More radio stations: national, local and regional radio, and stations catering for all kinds of interests and groups of people; many are digital-only

Better reception: none of the hiss, crackle, fading or station overlap that you get with AM or even FM radio

Easy tuning by pressing a button: no need to remember frequencies, fiddle with a dial to get a good signal, or retune your car radio when on the move

Display screen on the radio: gives you information about what you're listening to (such as song details, news headlines, email addresses); some radios now have an electronic programme guide (EPG)

Radio on TV and online: digital radio stations also broadcast via digital TV and on the internet

Countryside Communications provides the installation solutions and necessary distribution equipment for your clients to enjoy high quality radio.

Coutryside Communications - Networks

Home Entertainment and Networks

With the properties that you develop, buyers’ expectations are greater than ever. In this challenging environment, intelligent home systems and enhanced entertainment flexibility are a simple and relatively low-cost way to help you retain a competitive edge. By placing more control and choice at their fingertips, you can ensure it is your development that captures the imagination of a new generation of property buyer.

Countryside Communications makes it easy for you to build homes that are in tune with every owner’s needs.

Growing demand

This is the future. Houses and apartments that are equipped for home working, multi-room entertainment and flexible living. In a market where more developers are fighting over fewer customers Countryside Communications will help you stand out.

Genuine profit potential

Customers perceive intelligent home systems as being of high value. Yet they are more economic to fit than many people realise. Whether you use this as an opportunity to maximise profit or to add extra value to your property is your decision.

Countryside Communications can accommodate the widest range of options to suit whatever type of development you wish to offer. Using only proven technology our fully trained engineers handle everything to ensure you experience a problem-free installation and superior after sales support.

Countryside Communications - Automated Gates

Countryside Communications has over 15 years experience in all aspects of automating gates, rising barriers and rising bollards for enhanced security. We offer a large range of gate automation systems to suite the specific needs of the developer.

Our vast experience covers light commercial, heavy-duty commercial, industrial and residential applications. This means we can advise on, specify and supply exactly the right equipment and accessories to link into virtually any application.

Countryside Communications - CCTV

Countryside Communications specialise in the total system solution. From the simplest to the most complex video surveillance system, linking in many cases to the video door entry, access control, TV distribution and gate automation.

Countryside offers the complete design, installation and maintenance on:

Video Camera’s
Domes and Auto Domes
Monitors, VCR’s
Digital Recorders
Microprocessor controlled systems
Wireless Systems

Countryside communications - Building Management

Electronic Building management Systems

Do you dream of comfortable, convenient home, to be lived in to the fullest, maybe with the help of new technological products that don't just look good but that are also easy to use? If this seems impossible to you...as of today, thanks to Countryside Communications and its home automation products, the dream comes true.

Design, user-friendly technology and flexibility of use are the special features of electronic building management systems. This technological system is equipped with a simple and highly agile touch screen terminal that uses a graphic interface specially designed to make this unit easy to use.

Electronic Building Management Systems makes traditional control devices smart (push buttons, switches, sensors, etc.) allowing intuitive, customizable use. With a simple touch on the terminal, you can manage pre-set scenarios (at your discretion) and interact with the dwelling, accessing every single connected electrical utility.

Countryside Communications Video and audio door entry systems Door access systems Digital aerial and satellite distribution DAB digital radio systems Home entertainment and networking systems Automated gates and barriers CCTV systems Integrated fire and security systems Electronic building management systems


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